Brilliant & Princess Channel Cut Half Eternity Diamond Ring: WA6400-40 0.36ct


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Product Description

This Beautiful Classical designed Eternity Ring features a mixed cut of  Stunning Round Brilliant cut Diamonds & Princess cut Diamonds within a sleek Channel setting making it eye-catching yet elegant. Set with 10 beautiful dazzling round Brilliant cut Diamonds and immersed with 9 Princess Cuts Diamonds. This unique combination of rounds & princess stones adds to the beauty of this design and can be crafted in all precious metals.

Available specifications, all in a 2.0mm width.

*WA6400-25.   Featuring 6 dazzling Brilliant Cut & 5 Princess Cut Diamonds, 0.16ct. 2.0mm
*WA6400-40.   Featuring 10 dazzling Brilliant Cut & 9 Princess Cut Diamonds, 0.30ct. 2.0mm
*WA6400-50.   Featuring 12 dazzling Brilliant Cut & 11 Princess Cut Diamonds, 0.36ct. 2.0mm
*WA6400-100. Featuring 22 dazzling Brilliant Cut & 22 Princess Cut Diamonds, 0.70ct  2.0mm

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